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PostSubject: ...   Thu 06 Nov 2008, 2:41 am

diablo blanco on some sickness,
pants two sizes up to fit the thickness,(thickness=heater)
nothin pursonal its jus business,
im up in your chick workin on my fitness,

fuckin busters homo lover dick lusters your style lack-luster,
talkin like you a cutter cat you couldnt cut the musterd,
whack cats couldnt wrap a rubber on theyr lil nubbers,
ill knock your bitches teeth out and get myself a gummer,

this is bloody knuckle rap fuck tuckin the strap you cats aint worth a cap,
ill slap you with my gatt tell your teeth poke out the back of yor skullcap,
fake macks act like theyre lies are proven facts let me put you back on track,

tic tac im hackin of your toes get back or slitten all your throats fill your bodys with coke,
send em to florida on a boat unload my payload and pitt your corpse in a hole labled lost souls
this aint no fable its how it goes i stand toe to toe with any fucker who wants to get loked,

act bad one minute then come back with a poem thats bad actin homes,
that gay accent lets me know your either a popo or you suck dick on the low
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PostSubject: Re: ...   Thu 06 Nov 2008, 2:58 am

This had heat, Fam... I was feelin' it.
Damn... showed what you got, after I fed your last one.

Multies and flow was sick... I didn't mind the scheme either.
It was actually aiding the way it should be read... to get that flow... so, props on that, Fam.

Metas was dope, too... I sure didn't expect you to
drop ill concepts as you did - and... dude, I meant no offense
with that feed I gave you.
But hey... it looks like it boosted your focus and shit, if that's the case.

Your concepts were entertaining...
some good imagery... shit, this was hot on a few levels, Fam.
Keep this scheme... it seems to suit you.

Only word form me personally, Cad'...

...is see if you can write some deep shit as well...
I'm sure it'll be off the hook, mayng.
You should hit up the tourney - if you haven't already.

Work on'em punches, though...

And I ain't sayin' I'm the shit... 'casue I don't think that way...
so, I hope you hearin' me... just throw some more similies
in with some more-complex wordplays... and you'll be a force
on the battlefeild, homie.

Nice wit' it.

One ['1]

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