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 UFC... Yer Picks.. **Up-Coming Event**

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Kris Kokain

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PostSubject: UFC... Yer Picks.. **Up-Coming Event**   Mon 10 Nov 2008, 4:16 am

..i wana know whos pickin' who for UFC 91..

Randy "THE NATURAL"Couture (6'2"..220Lbs..15-8-0) v.s. Brock Lesner (6'3"..265Lbs..2-1-0)..??
Kenny "KENFLO" Florian (5'10"..155Lbs..12-3-0) v.s. Joe "DADDY" Stevenson (5'7"..155Lbs..34-8-0)..??
Amir Sadollah (5'11"..185Lbs..2-0-0) v.s. Nick Catone (5'9"..185Lbs..6-0-0)..??
Gabriel "NAPAO" Gonzaga (6'1"..242Lbs..9-3-0) v.s. Josh Hendricks (6'2"..246Lbs..15-4-0)..??
Nate "ROCK" Quarry (6'0"..185Lbs..16-2-0) v.s. Demian Maia (6'0"..185Lbs..9-0-0)..??
Dustin Hazelett (6'1"..170Lbs..13-4-0) v.s. Tamdan "THE BARN CAT" Mccrory (6'4"..170Lbs..11-1-0)..??
Jorge Gurgel (5'9"..155Lbs..15-4-0) v.s. Aaron Riley (5'11"..155Lbs..11-5-0)..??
Jeremy "LIL' HEATHEN" Stephens (5'9"..155Lbs..15-3-0) v.s. Rafael Dos Anjos (5'7"..155Lbs..11-2-0)..??
Alvin "KID" Robinson (5'8"..155Lbs..10-3-0) v.s. Mark Bocek (5'8"..155Lbs..5-2-0)..??
Matt Riddle (6'1..170Lbs..1-0-0) v.s. Ryan "THE TANK ENGINE" Thomas (6'0..170Lbs..13-2-0)..??
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Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: Re: UFC... Yer Picks.. **Up-Coming Event**   Mon 10 Nov 2008, 4:57 am

Couture over Lesnar
Kenflo over Joe "Daddy"
Amir over Catone
Gonzaga over Hendricks
"Rock" quarry over Maia
Mccrory over Hazelett
Gurgel over Riley
Lil Heathen over Anjos
I dont think Ive seen Alvin Robinson or Mark Bocek fight so I cant speak on that
Riddle over Thomas
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UFC... Yer Picks.. **Up-Coming Event**
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