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 most recent topical battle...

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Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: most recent topical battle...   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 3:37 am

topic was....

*sea of dreams*

it started on Friday... we met up wit jack the addict and tabs of acid
he explained the affects i had ta have it, an hour passed an it hadn't happen
so i grabbed my jacket an headed out but tripped off of his balcony...
stumbled and fell to a puddle and tried 2 decipher the waters alchemy
then plunged into a sea of dreams sparked by my brain sunk in deepest thought
but started drowning so breached the dark... only trying to reached the top
i swallow an cough like Alice trapped... minus a rabbit a palace an hat
was grabbed an attacked by nightmare creatures but started battlin back

but like a magicians snap...

I was battling wearing a mask and a pair of shackles in a lair of jackals
testing the sky now im checking my eyes cus im getting high wit terodactyls
then with the strength of time that flies, my hands moved hell in a second
watch the universe rotate easy... by the power of a thousand telekinetic's
then opened a door 2 let out a few things buried deep... i reach but barely can
Its the anti-advocate... a few phantoms and a skeleton mannequin
known to scorn with wrath... seen it was written, we was born to laugh
then proceeded 2 wrestle a triceratops until I cracked the horns in half
Stretched out my neck towards heaven an look like a deformed giraffe
then Wore the abs of Thor just so I could stomach this storm to pass

then it went black...an i seen our past...

moved at light speeds.. that made my head numb... he fled from the red son
god sneezed the big bang... and started off Earth as a bread crumb
Birthed the age of harm from Adam's palm an yellow bricks from the land of Oz
When evil reigns, the umbrella used... we call it the hand of God
as i watch i stand in aw.. step forward lose my footing and begin ta fall
wake up in a hospital daym the acid mixed with my dreams... i dreamt' it all
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Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: Re: most recent topical battle...   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 7:40 am

Lmao... This drop was dope
Imagery was great...a perfect mixture of hilarious linez and deep linez
Sick topical
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PostSubject: Re: most recent topical battle...   Tue 11 Nov 2008, 8:16 pm

lmao... yeah... I was diggin' this drop, Fam.

Nice to see some more topical competition up in HGR.
Flow was sick - made for a nice audio read...
I had this sound click beat runnin' when I opened your thread...
Man, I was like movin' to the flow and shit.

Nice wit' it.

Imagery was crisp... could'uh used some elaboration with some
movements or more perspective, imo...
opener was nice, really brought the me in as the reader...

seeing how it was sea of dreams - I was expecting more of
this 'dream-sea' that'b be like a 10 hour journey, I liked the lead-in, though...
was a good choice for where you went with this topical.

The end rhymes were pretty clever in a few spots... obviously
you let the flow run naturally... imo b/c of the smoothness in your
imperfect rhymes as well as the multies. Good shit, Blaze.

Yeah... this was a dope read for sure... the flow was unique... imo.

Not quite a HW contender... but that can change..

I'ma rate this MW
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PostSubject: Re: most recent topical battle...   

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most recent topical battle...
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