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 The Predecessor...

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PostSubject: The Predecessor...   Sat 15 Nov 2008, 10:10 pm

I've seen The Passion of Christ, and had to ask... "why'd Jesus commit Suicide?"
Carried his cross for some Greater Cause, and was left in debt... no one Soothed His Cries...
I felt a Monster-Mix of my emotions as I watched in complete disgust...
Most people prolly ejected the DVD and jus' carried on Looting Lust
And He went'n died... for what? He could'uh made some better choices in his life...
'Stead'uh bein' Nailed and Paraded, he could'uh resorted to The Knife
'Cause in-turn ~ he just let us burn... just let us wallow in our own demises
Never told us it was wrong to churn... follow ourselves in our own disguises
I think about "what might have been" if only he'd exercised some fuckin' Brute
Helped us realize we're Incomplete Lies, the farthest thing from The fuckin' Truth
'Cause I can't fuckin' wait to leave this body... wait - what if that's what Jesus felt...
Confided in God, told'em he'd jus' rather rot... and hung his head as he Knealt...

There's no way that I'd let the world eat me alive... but... then again I have...
Wanted to be beaten by heathens... to death 'cause, Yo... I'm just so fuckin' Mad!
and it's oh-so Sad... in minisclue moments been gald to be alive On Earth
Ain't had reasons to feel needed... I been' cryin' to die since my fuckin' Birth
But here we stir whatever we can get our hands on, this fuckin' life is shit...
Jesus, come get me this century - no... I can't be proud of my Writing Scripts
I'll fight through shit... tear these fucks a giant new asshole to crap out they feelin's
Let Jesus know that I'm one of'em that was cut out from this fuckin' Ceiling...

...wuss' good? Felt like this atm... jus' venting... saw this Pic... and went for it.
could'uh made it longer... more in depth... but I was strapped for time.



Last edited by Madeye on Tue 18 Nov 2008, 5:21 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : swapped word [Cost] for [Cause])
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Kris Kokain

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PostSubject: Re: The Predecessor...   Tue 18 Nov 2008, 6:03 am

it was alright.. didnt really feel sum of the lines..
but for the most part it was aight, decent read..
felt like the topic was iffy, kinda a big thing to tackle..
and the flow in parts was streched n sloppy.. but all in all..
decent shit,.. keep at it, you'll elevate..
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The Predecessor...
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