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 Not much thought in this 1...

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PostSubject: Not much thought in this 1...   Fri 21 Nov 2008, 1:24 am

Knuck if u buck
U aint nuttin but a punk
Always tryen 2 deal me that bunk
Thinkin u the man
Cuz u got money stax in ur hand
Disrespecting any1 and every 1
Call urself a g and u don't even own a gun
Thought it was koo went 2 wal-mart and stole a rag
Fuckin wit me and mine will get u put in a bag
Bitch can't fuck wit this
If u was on fire wouldent put u out wit piss
Lay a bottle of grey goose uside ur dome
Watch ur mouth start 2 fome
U wanna talk shit and run ur mouth
Well heaven maybe north but ima send u south
Ima pill poppin
Acid droppin
Neck chokin
Weed tokin
Fat kid from new orleans
Stay drunk off MD 20/20 ya'll know wut that mean
Only smoke that good grean
Smash ur knees wit a 10 pound sleg
Toss u in the trunk brick on the peddle and off a cliffs egde

This was not aimed at anyone here...
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Not much thought in this 1...
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