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 Me & You..

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Kris Kokain

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PostSubject: Me & You..   Tue 02 Dec 2008, 11:08 am

keystyle... str8 up..

you know i love you right, you know i love you right...
kissin n holdin you, given you hugs at night..
doin this fuckin right- makin sumthin outta nuttin right..
an you got me buggin wen you conduct the fights..
fuck.. its like; swords contort n deform my mind in seconds..
yer werds deserve to be classed as the finest weapons..
cuz thur designed to wreck'um lik mines n wessons..
we lack direction; we jus wonderin like the amazing race..
stuck, confused lik our fuckin views on our pain n fates..
we're lost, off the path like we're in a maze.........
an placed with thoughts flopped wit traits of hate..
that'er fake; got'us agrue'in consistenly- n visibly..
its harder wen we rip the peace wit no hope of victory..
im sick of me, sick of you, sick of our history n the bickery..
littery; im starvin n im physicly armin in this bitch to be..
ready fo' the steady hits on me from ya speach or fists i see..

i know you love me tho, i know you hate me too..
u console me n make me whole slowly, n babe i do..
act crazy, but lately wana ring the finga of my lady to..
n thoughts of marriage are brakin thru lik unfamous dudes..
but its tru; i scream n yell and act as a beast aswell..
as if im tryn'a get hot hits lik feins in hell, n im mean as hell..
brake ya dreams wen pumped wit hate lik wen demons swell..
n we arent a team- we jus keep on hopin fo peace n dwell..
the same- its insane, we talk bout fixin the relationship..
how we'll listen n not fake wit it but we brake it qwik..
we jus cant take it kid, we stay wishin fo sum basic shit..
an i hate facin it, wishin i was jus missin all the hate wit it..
hopin ta fade away in the lights n noise lik on the vegas strip..
u got the mace in grip; sprayin- delayin the vision ahead..
listen its said, she so mean im suprised her own organism aint fled..
but i love, cherish, an want her.. but sumtimes im wishin im dead..

kk.. thats it.. took like 40mins.. sum feed wuld be appreciated..
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Me & You..
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