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 Ghosts In The System..

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Kris Kokain

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PostSubject: Ghosts In The System..   Sun 07 Dec 2008, 3:56 pm

this was for a battle, kinda liked how it turned out, kinda not.. get at me..

Killers Released Then Suddenly People Deseaced, 0 Left Alive As Witnesses..
Words Lik "Involentary", "Flash Of Furry", Along Wit "Deprived Indifferences"..
Are Now Accepted N A Bargenin' Method Lik Ur Not Responsible Or Incontrol..
Minimizing Actions, "Even Tho Wat Happend He Not Abombidable To The Soul"..
Insanity Plea's N Depression Understandably Free's Murderers & Rapists Alike..
Cnt Comphrehend The Fear N Pain, That Nears Insane As Its Wasted Ur Life..
Psycotic Wit Pleasures Of Power N Errotic Subconscience Emotions Of Delight..
Feed On The Weak As If Their Elite, An Obsession- Their Devotion To Add Fright..
The Ghost In The System Lik PC Virus Encryptions- Hiding Behind The Loop Holes..
So Kill Again, Enjoy The Taste N Feel Revenge As Their Friends Giv'um Cudose..


Its'a Gloomy Day- Glock In Hand, Ski Mask Down- Ready To Rock This Man..
By His Side- Guage Unholstered, Ready'ta Blaze The Soulja N Shock Their Fams..
Rush Da Door Wit Heatters, "WHERE DA WEED?, Tell Me, I'l Brake Ya Feemer"..
"Be Discreeter?, Cnt Leav'um Ta Speak Bruh, Get'um Wit The Heat Lik Ether!"..
BANG!! Echo's Burst The Threshold Makin Da Ambiance Decay To A Darkness..
Their Heartless, He Was Gon Quit Da Game, Shame Today Wuld Be Harnsessed..
..For The Greater Good, Not Jus Puttin That Shake In Hoods, He Wulda Changed..
Its Good Ta Change!!.. Its No Bore Ta Dun, Its For His Son- N He Stood Amazed..
After The First Hit His Breath, Is This Death?.. What'll Happen To My Son..?..
Its Not Addin Up- The Math In It Is Done, Im Dead- So Tragic By The Gun..
They Flee- Scared N Celebrating, But Debating- Did We Get Off Scott Free..?..
"Lets Ditch The Bag", Gloves/Masks/Guns- "This Bitch A Drag, Wut If They Caught Me"..
"HONEY.. BABE.. If The Coppers Ask, I Was At The Bar- Drunk Off My Ass..!!"
"All Last Nite! N You Took Me Home Ta Stop N Crash Cuz My Eyes Were Glossin Bad"..
"Why.. Whats Wrong?" .. "NOTHING! Im Out, Im Gone.. Gotta Take Care Of Shit.."..
He Gets In The Car.. Scared N Limp.. Body Heavy- Hopin He Can Disapear From It..
He Calls His Lawyer, "I Gotta Run Lik Sawyer!!, Take Care Of This.. Any Means Ya Need"..
"Ok, Its Done- I'll Pay the Judge, He's Fake As Fuck.. Always Loves His Green From Me"..
"Thanx, Im Trippin.."-"No Worries- Yer Charges Dippin.. You'll Be Free In Seconds"..
"We Got This, Easy! I Shot'um, Believe Me.. But I Wnt Even Hav Ta Plea Ta Weapons"..

..Initially Daniel Albert Newman was sentenced to life without chance of parole on Feb. 28, 1992 for the murder of Harvey William Chappelear, known drug dealer who was shot 10 times in the head, chest, abdomen and arms, but those charges set aside n Newman was charged for Second Degree Murder- with a sentence of 40-80 years. Newman had a so-called alibi, his girlfriend.. who said Newman was at the bar where she worked on the day of the murder, although witnesses who were questioned told police that the girlfriend "repeatedly" asked them to tell police he, Newman, was at the bar. Evidence found was a 9mm, sawed-off 12-gauge shot gun, his hair, his dogs hair, 3 walkie-talkies, & dry wall from his home. The 9mm WAS found to be owned by Newman, and all the iteams where found in a gym bag with cottom gloves, the reason no finger-prints were found..

http://www.livingstondaily.com/article/200.../811130320/1002 <<where i got my info..

Now, i didnt highlite er color any people talkin, but its pretty str8 forward..
Hola wit sum feed..
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Ghosts In The System..
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