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Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: OuttofControl   Thu 25 Dec 2008, 10:50 pm

Ima lil gangsta plus rock and roll
Fuck around with me and ya body get swolle
Tornadoe, Tornadoe, cumin threw and reckin this
Im not the greatest but, im sure damn the best at it
Ask me punk, you see i dont give a fuck
New school kid bully gonna take yo lunch
You see ima lil C4 about to blow
You can feel me in ya chest, bout 2 explode
This demon of rap in me i can not control
Step up to the mic and lets give these ppl a show
You gone call me weak, wack, all the above
You gone say u gangsta, and you throwin dem slugs
So when i reply, i will simply say
Ur like a fuckin mexican; all over the place
Then ima start to get on ya whole ryhme style
Im tippin over tables, jumpin out in the crowd
The ppl, cheer for me, and they so damn loud
The type of applause, dat makes ya mother proud
Then through in some multies, with metaphores
You've lost, so just comply, with my force
Scatter brain, da da dang this dude is raw
Known as insane, membranes ready for war
Cause see, ima lil gangsta plus rock n roll
Every where that i go i leave body tolls
With my split peronality, im good at rap
With an unrestricted mantality im better that facts

unfinshed aint ryhmed in a minute so excuse the structure
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