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 Real talk

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PostSubject: Real talk   Wed 04 Feb 2009, 1:17 pm

Since ive been gone, ive seen no clames to fame
The same old same old aint shit really changed
No names i blame, no kinda words or such
Just droppen a couple lines, tryin to rattle shit up
Um, lets let the beat play, lets let the beat spray
Lets get crazy, and ryhme like back in the old days
We gone beat-box-out, battle like boxing bouts
Ooos and Aahs, surround us as we entertain the crowd
Let the music, that we spit explode in ya soul
Bring heartbreak, and happy days to a story untold
Im breakin the mold, with fixtures that lay untouched
Adressing situations, and subjections that ppl hate so much
I bring them to life, like tyson in that memorable fight
PPls enchanted souls, that want to walk away from the light
My ppl in fright!, shld i walk away from this mic
If i do that today, rappers are destened to be alike
So i sit, and contaplate, a world without me
No one being daring, not one rapper gets roudy
They pout-ing, at the idea, that i can rap like this
Ultimatley teaching u a lesson, with a lil ghetto twist
Its just this, simple to brains of the artist
Souljah Boy says the same thing, does that make him retarted
Or is he just an atrist, thats really is hard chargin
I really cnt tell, seein as i suffered from a drinking problem
And my "I Rule the World" attitude, u will just have to parden
Spitten up lyrical chunks, like cartens of vodka i demolised
Lets get one thing clear im not the best, buy any bargin
I just have a conscience, so im tryin to be honest
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Real talk
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