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 Wrote this a while back...

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PostSubject: Wrote this a while back...   Thu 05 Feb 2009, 1:05 am

and got no feed elsewhere...
Lookin' to get some if this joint ever gets it's activity back. Wink

*just getn' some thoughts out, as best I can...*

look at these hands, they ain't never killed a man... no, not ever
yet I passionately hate all who into me, whoever...

this ain't about Fame, it ain't about who got them upper hands
who drops it grand or who can decipher these fuckin' chants...

who can ignite the darkness in man? Who's willin' to listen?
who ready to accept life as constant strain on visions...

I ain't got to prove I'm anything but who I am, it's wrong...
yet you expect me to conform to things ya'll said don't belong

to get it checked, to do away with things that contradict norms...
I ain't into Correctness, I jus' wanna new place to explore...

to just face the world, express views that allow me one small chance
an' maybe if I get through this reality - perhaps that's...

an accomplishment more awarding than writing the dopest...
I ain't never said too much, yo... but I do at least Know This;

that I would sacrifice ev'ry ounce of this life for comfort...
but instead I dread that moment when inside I feel done-for...

Had pain, but I want more... that's all that I seem to relate to
joy is strange, there's better days bein' smothered by these hate-fuls...

I'm dark-sided, stark sick-minded, call me New Age Depression...
they way my thoughts give out, like a 80 year-old with an erection...

I ain't got shit else to offer but bad news and backwards views...
look at Mad' like he'uh talker, back talkin' any cats feud...
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Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: Re: Wrote this a while back...   Fri 06 Feb 2009, 3:39 am

Man i like this, alot, it seems u put some serious thought into this peice good work fam, had alot of emotion in it
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Wrote this a while back...
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