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PostSubject: Voting   Sun 26 Oct 2008, 8:13 pm


On some other sites they like to see a category format...
but I find it takes too much out of the voting process... so instead...

The voting method that is to be used here, in HG Raps, is simply giving
an elaborate explanation as to why you voted for the battler that you
chose to vote for. Give at least 5 lines of detailed explanation, please.
Not only should you explain why the winner won, but you should include
the reasons why the other battler lost. This will help out with each our
elevations, too... as in some cases, members are left clueless, and get
frustrated over something that could have been prevented.

If you fail to do this correctly, your vote will either be disallowed, or you
will be prompted to edit your vote and make it legit. Also, if any member
alters their vote and makes it against whoever they've voted for in the first
place, you will receive an offical warning... and if problems persists, you
may have your voting privileges taken away... either temporarily or permanently...
whichever is the most appropriate action for a Mod to take.

Thank you... [ Admin ]
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