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 Setting up a Battle

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PostSubject: Setting up a Battle   Sun 26 Oct 2008, 8:52 pm

1> Make a call out for a battle in the call out section for the method of battle
you desire... either for Text or for Audio.

2> Wait until the battle has been accepted, and then [perhaps] discuss what
parameters will be used for the battle inside the call out thread... ie; No flipping, no crew votes.

3> Next, enter the battle forum [Text/Audio] and create a new
topic, putting the battler's names in the title... example: Joe {Vs.} Camron
...and also include the battle specifics in the message body... ie;

Topical battle
5 Bars (10 lines)
No crew votes
Checkin: today, by 9 pm
Drop Deadline: 2morrow, 9 pm
Caller drops 1st

You can customize your battles in almost any way that you can think of, from
excluding links (in the text of your verses) to having the battle be of self-dissing.
Make them as interesting as possible, or just stick to the basics.

Have fun Famz!
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Setting up a Battle
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