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PostSubject: Tips   Sun 26 Oct 2008, 10:16 pm

Try to be as descriptive as possible when conveying what you want in your sig.

Graphix Artists aren't mind-readers, so you'll have to be as
clear as you can be with what you want your sig to look like.

You MAY NOT request more than one Sig within the duration of one being
made for you. It's down-right insulting to have members hitting up every
Artist there is in here simply because they're dissatisfied with the slowness
of their requests fulfillment. If you are going to go with a different Artist
than the one you initially made a request to, at least drop a post or message
them letting them know that you're impatient [or wutever] and are going
to address another Graphix Artist for your sig.

You may only have a maximum of 2 sigs in your profile. One Personal Sig, and
one Crew Sig
. Defiance of this rule will result in the deletion of your sigs...

...so... play nice, aiight?

Thank you... [ Admin ]
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